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The events and characters in REMEMBER, REMEMBER are primarily drawn from real life but the personalities, thoughts and many of the deeds portrayed are based upon a fictional view of what could have happened in 1605.

Meet some of the main players…

Robert Cecil pic

Robert Cecil

AKA Secretary of State, the Earl of Salisbury, Spymaster General

Protestant, Aged 42, Born in London

Ruthless, will do whatever he believes is good for England and himself, currently enjoying the attentions of Katherine of Suffolk

King James pic

King James

AKA James Stuart, King James I of England, King James VI of Scotland

Protestant, Aged 39, Born in Edinburgh

Believes in the divine right of kings to rule, initially tolerant of Catholics but now believes they must be persecuted

Anne of Denmark pic

Queen Anne

AKA Queen Anne of Denmark, Wife of James Stuart

Catholic, Aged 30, Born in Skanderborg, Denmark

Loves the arts and her children, her Catholic faith is tolerated by her husband as long as she keeps it quiet

Catherine Suffolk pic

Katherine Suffolk

AKA Katherine Howard, Countess of Suffolk, Keeper of the Jewels

Secret Catholic, Aged 41, Born in Wiltshire

Intelligent, beautiful and ambitious, craves power and influence but how can she get this in a man’s world?

Thomas Howard pic

Earl of Suffolk

AKA Thomas Howard, Lord Chamberlain, Katherine’s husband

Protestant, Aged 44, Born in Essex

A veteran of the battle with the Spanish Armada, wants to do the right thing, loves his wife

Robert Catesby

Robert Catesby

AKA Robin Catesby, leader of a group of Catholic conspirators

Catholic, Aged 33, Born in Warwickshire

Charismatic, a man with his mind made up – there must be regime change in England, some would describe him as a terrorist

Guy Fawkes pic

Guy Fawkes

AKA Guido Fawkes, living under the cover name of John Johnson

Catholic, Aged 35, Born in York

Explosives expert, spent ten years fighting for Spain in Europe so his face is not well known in England, which this could be useful

Isabella Fawkes

Isabella Fawkes

AKA Isabella Fawkes (Fictional character)

Catholic, Aged 25, Born in Seville, Spain

Married in secret, dislikes the English climate, will she be able to escape and return to Spain with her husband?

Martha Percy pic

Martha Percy

AKA maiden name Martha Wright, wife of one and sister of two other conspirators

Catholic, Aged 44, Born in York

Lives in a house next to Parliament, estranged from her husband, a good Yorkshire woman of strong opinions

Familiar Stranger

Familiar Stranger

AKA One of Robert Cecil’s spies (Fictional character)

Protestant, Aged 25, Born in London

Skilled in the arts of watching – if he followed you by day or by night across the streets of London, you wouldn’t know he was there

Brother John pic

Brother John

AKA The best priest holer in England (Fictional character loosely based upon a real person of the time)

Catholic, Aged 50, Born in Lancashire

Creates hiding places for people and things, his knowledge of the location of priest holes in England is priceless to both sides

Beatrix Ruthven

Beatrix Ruthven

AKA Queen Anne’s friend and former Lady-in-Waiting

Protestant, Aged 32, Born in Perthshire

Became the Queen’s best friend when Anne arrived in Scotland as a teenage bride, maintains a hate-hate relationship with King James

Wiliam Waad pic

William Waad

AKA Lieutenant of the Tower of London

Protestant, Aged 59, Born in London

The man nobody wants to meet – the keeper of the rack – welcome to the torture chamber in the Room of Blood

Ifan Gwynne 1 pic

Ifan Gwynne

AKA Friend of Guy Fawkes (Fictional Character)

Catholic, Aged 24, Born in Bodfel, North Wales

Every book needs a Welshman, travelled to London to free his brother Roger, a Catholic priest, from the Tower of London

Edith and Robin pic

Robin and Edith

AKA Robin Catesby and Edith Percy

Catholic, Aged 1o, Born in Oxfordshire and Warwickshire

Son of Robin Catesby and Daughter of Thomas and Martha Percy, what will their future hold for them?

The Gunpowder Plotters pic

The Gunpowder Conspirators

Pictured left to right: Thomas Bates, Rob Wintour, Chris Wright, Jack Wright, Thomas Percy, Guy Fawkes, Robert Catesby and Tom Wintour

Not in the picture (perhaps on look out duty) were Francis Tresham and Robert Keyes

Following reader requests to filter fact from fiction, the book includes a handy appendix describing which events are real and which imagined – handy information to share the next time you attend a bonfire or compete in a pub quiz…

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